Rates and Policies

Standard Investigative Rates and Policies

Island Investigations
One Investigator: $90 per hour and $0.85 per mile
Two Investigators: $150 per hour and $0.85 per mile per investigator
GPS rental:  $100 per day, $2,500 per month.

NOTE:  A one-week rental of a GPS Tracking device may be added to any Catch-A-Cheater package at a reduced rate of $500 per week or $2,000 for a one-month. Restrictions and conditions apply regarding use of a GPS Tracking device – please contact us for a full explanation.


  1. Normally, all hourly and mileage charges begin at time the investigator departs the office and ends upon returning to the office.
  2. Unless stated otherwise, all investigations will have a four-hour minimum charge.
  3. Island Investigations uses a two-investigator team (in separate vehicles) for ALL infidelity cases unless there are special circumstances or special arrangements have been made beforehand. This may sound like it would be more expensive; however, in our experience it is actually much more cost effective… you’ll have to trust us on this.
  4. Expenses incurred by the investigator during the course of the investigation are billable to the client. These expenses include parking, tolls, hotels, event tickets, etc. If an investigator enters a bar or restaurant to continue surveillance of the subject and the investigator purchases a meal or drink to avoid looking conspicuous, that meal or drink WILL BE charged to the client.  However, meals, snacks, beverages, etc. consumed by an investigator while sitting in his or her surveillance vehicle observing the subject are NOT billable to the client.
  5. All investigations are conducted by licensed and insured private investigators.

The following Catch-A-Cheater Packages are designed to give our clients an idea of the types of services, the costs, and techniques that may be used to meet their goal of obtaining evidence of infidelity.  However, each and every client has unique need and we will develop a strategy and surveillance plan that best fits their needs.”

  • Lunch time Meeting… $295:  One investigator will follow your cheater as he or she meets up for their lunch-hour or another daytime rendezvous.  The investigator will sit close by and observe your cheater’s activities for 3 hours while using covert video techniques to record their activities and report directly back to you.
  • One-Day Surveillance … $695:  One investigator will arrive at the location you designate and observe your cheater for the next 8 hours.  If your cheater leaves, the investigator will follow.  Video and written field report will be provided
  • Night-time Meeting … $795:  We will follow your cheater and date to their evening destination and they will definitely have a night to remember when they’re caught on video cheating on you.  Our two investigators will follow your cheater to the evening’s destination, sit close by and observe the activities and record them using various video techniques for the next four hours.  Additional four hours will be billable at our normal rates
  • 24-Hours of Surveillance … $1,650:  Two Investigators will dedicate a total of 24 hours surveillance time (12 hour by each investigator) to observe your cheater over a two- to three-day period.  The start times and location of the surveillance will be of your choosing.  Video and field reports will be provided at the end of the surveillance operations.   (Standard mileage rates applies)
  • Spouse Check … $1,275:  One investigator will dedicate 16 hours of surveillance time to observe your cheater over several days.  Additionally, a GPS tracker unit will be covertly attached to his or her vehicle for a one-week period while the investigator is assigned to your case.  A final field report and GPS tracking report will be provided at the end of the surveillance operation.   (Standard mileage rate applies.)
    NOTE: Restrictions and conditions apply regarding use of a GPS Tracking device – please contact our office for a full explanation.
  • Three-day Flat Rate with Unlimited Mileage … $1,995:  One investigator will conduct on-site surveillance, 8 hours per day for three days.  All surveillance will be scheduled within a one-week period.  Normal mileage rate applies for travel outside Bexar County.   Additional days may be contracted at a flat rate of $750 per day or $90 per hour and $0.85 per mile (four-hour minimum).   Verbal and written reports will be provided at the client’s discretion.  Unlimited mileage applies for locations within Galveston County only.


Effective September 1, 2016

Service Levels And Fees Defined

Service Level First attempt within 3 attempts within
Regular 3 days 21 days
RUSH 1 day 10 days
URGENT 12 hours 6 days

Additional documents: Served to same person at same location: 50% of delivery fee.

Fees For Process Service In Galveston County

Service Level    Fee
Regular $80.00
RUSH $90.00
URGENT $110.00

Fees For Process Service In Counties Other Than Galveston

Service Level Fee
Regular $95.00 plus mileage fee
RUSH $105.00 plus mileage fee
URGENT $120.00 plus mileage fee

Mileage fee: $0.65 per mile from Galveston County line to the service address and return to the Galveston County line.


Service Fee
Forwarding to an out-of-area or out-of-state Process Service Company for delivery $45.00 plus their delivery & postage fees
Service by Certified Mail (Return Receipt) $55.00 plus postage fee
Substitute Service $45.00 added to the delivery fee
Surveillance for Process Service $35.00 per hour plus delivery fee
Skip-tracing service $195.00 (and up)
Special Process Service If it’s legal and ethical, we’ll deliver papers any way you want.

Please call or use our online contact form for an estimate on any other process service-related task.

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