How Private Investigator Services Help Uncover Fidelity in the Digital Age

Suspect Your Partner Of Cheating? A Private Investigator Has Specialized Services To Find Out
June 15, 2017

“Till death do us part.” That’s the promise couples utter when they tie the knot. For many spouses, however, it’s not death that ends their marriage—it’s divorce. According to a Bloomberg article, there is a 50-50 per cent chance that a marriage will end in Splitsville.

And in many divorce cases, infidelity is the cause of dissolution. What’s more, technology is making it easier than ever to cheat on a partner—and harder than ever to be caught.

With a smartphone in hand, a person doesn’t need to make surreptitious phone calls in the middle of the night anymore. A spouse can be contacting a lover on his or her smartphone while your family is having dinner.

Is Your Spouse Endlessly Chatting and Messaging a Friend or a Lover?

What does infidelity look like in these high-tech times? Take a look at the different ways your partner could be sneaking behind your back.

A private—and intimate—message

Facebook isn’t just an immensely popular social media platform, it has an immensely popular messaging feature, too. That means it’s easier than ever to find, reconnect with, and contact a former flame online. It’s hard to know whether your partner is just liking or posting harmless stuff on Facebook, or arranging a meet-up with a lover.

Matching sites for cheaters

You’ve no doubt heard of dating apps like Tinder, which help singles find love. But did you know that there are also platforms like Ashley Madison that matches married people with other married people who wish to have an affair? Nope, you didn’t misread that. Websites like these make it easy for people to keep a lover on the side while maintaining the facade of a happy marriage.

Online listings

Some websites make it extremely easy to have a fling., for instance, functions as a Craig’s List of sorts for people seeking a quick dalliance. The platform even uses its own lingo; “hosting,” for instance, indicates which of the two parties will invite the other over. Since the platform was created for the purpose of listing goods or services, it’s easy to pretend that you’re on the site simply looking for something to buy.

Since these platforms make communicating and arranging trysts so easy—and practically invisible—the only way for suspecting spouses to catch their partners red-handed is through good, old-fashioned surveillance.

The good news is that you can get private investigator services in Galveston, TX to help you know once and for all if your hunch is correct. Whether it involves tailing your spouse for lunch, or discretely pinning a GPS device on his person, they are trusted allies in uncovering infidelity in the digital age.


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